Andy Bouchard

I was born in Ireland in 1847 and left for the States in 1865 to pursue my interest in Computer Science. I enjoy beaches, except in June, and am an avid writer, having published 437 fictional accounts of the Treaty of Utrecht in the historical fiction, poetry, romance, horror, and action thriller genres. After college I hope to return to Kamchatka in order to be strategically placed between East and West.

Colin Howald

I am a problem solver, and I love to design software. I am currently a senior Computer Science major at Carleton College. After this, I will be a software developer at Epic Systems in Madison, WI. This, incidentally, is also my hometown. I can solve rubik's cubes very quickly. I am an officer of the Competitive Ballroom and Latin dance team. I am a proud owner of a Betta fish named Sampson.

Daniel Schroeder

I am likewise a senior Computer Science major at Carleton College. Next fall, I will be starting at the PhD program in CS at [insert school name here — I haven't made up my mind yet]. While not writing biographical sketches about myself, I enjoy (in no particular order) listening to music, programming, biking (in the warmer months), cross-country skiing (otherwise), reading, juggling, being with friends, and enjoying life.

Daniel Solow

I'm the fourth senior Carleton Computer Science major on this page, or at least I thought I was before I read Andy's biography. Currently I'm in the process of looking for a job. I'm particularly interested in Machine Learning, of which this project is a pretty good example. I'm from Woods Hole, MA and apart from Computer Science I like Bob Dylan and neo-noir.

Bartholomew the Hippo

Provided moral support, a snazzy-looking header image, and source material for a deranged and procrastinatory conversation while creating this website.