Doodle Duo

An Online Multiplayer Drawing Game

Our Project

Our Game

We created a social, online game you can play with friends! All parts of the project were built from scratch, and are hosted online for your enjoyment

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Rules of the Game

The game works much like Pictionary: players try to guess what another player is drawing. But there's a twist - all the words are compound words, and two players draw at once! This creates an extra fun social dimension to gameplay.

Interactive Canvas

We had to create an interactive canvas for our users to draw on. Our app allows users to draw lines of different colors and sizes, fill in outlines, and undo mistakes! All coded from scratch.

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The Front-End

Our client web-page uses a variety ofhand-coded CSS styles to work across desktop and mobile devices. We also use JavaScript to switch view quickly and give users a fast, interactive experience.

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The Back-End

We created a node.js game server which, when hosted online, allows clients to connect and manages their games. The code is entirely event-based, using the socketio package.

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And much more...

Tons of work from all of us went into this project - from art, to code to handle user scores, to collecting a database of compound words. All of this can be viewed in our GitHub repository.

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Views for Guessing and Drawing

Different screens are shown based on whether you're currently drawing, guessing, or waiting for a new round

Works Across Devices

Using CSS media tags, we optimized our layouts for both mobile and desktop devices

Easy to Play

No need to download or make an account - just open the website, click "create lobby", and send the generated code to your friends to get playing right away!

Real-Time Drawing and Chat

Using the power of websockets, see your friends' drawings update in real time - as your guesses and chat messages are sent instantly as well!

A Word of Thanks

We has a great time on this project. We're thankful to the Carleton Computer Science department for enabling us to make something so great, and especially to our comps advisor, Professor Senha Narayan.

And thanks to you for giving our project a look - we hope you'll enjoy it!

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