* Questions
V Mystery
V modifying a list
letters = ["b", "l", "u", "e", "b", "i", "r", "d"]
for i in range(2, 7):
letters[i] = letters[i].upper()
V Strings
V a sequence of characters just like a list is a sequence of elements
* Lists can contain anything, even a mix of different things, but strings only have characters
V A character is a single letter, number, symbol, or blank
* blanks: " " (space), "\t" (tab), "\n" (newline)
V just like lists:
* len returns the length
* Can loop over characters with for
* use in to check for containment
* access individual characters with indexes
* concatenate with +
V unlike lists
V fixed, cannot be modifed
* immutable vs mutable, more detail next week
V Python provides lots of useful operations
V Files (see files.py)
* open
* reading
* writing
* HW3 warmup