V Questions
* sys.exit()
V Quiz
V after time, use back page to answer
* how is the course going for you, 1–5
* what is one thing Aaron could do differently to improve your learning
* what is one thing that Aaron should keep doing that helps your learning
* prisoner2.py and prisoner3.py
V history.py
* def strat(my_history, other_history)
V how would strat check if its opponent defected last round?
* what if this is the first round?
* how would strat check if its opponent defected in any of the last three rounds?
V Functions as data
V max(history1, history2)
* how to compare?
* can pass max a function that it will use as criteria
* def history_length(history):
return history.get_length()
max(history1, history2, key=history_length)
* def make_rounder(digits):
def new_round(num):
return round(num, digits)
return new_round

round3 = make_rounder(3)
print(round3(3.1416)) # prints 3.142