* Questions
V Announcements
V HW 4 individual assignment about debugging
* out today, due 9pm Friday
V Peer evaluation due before class on Friday, linked from Moodle
* part of the community portion of your grade
V Feedback
* homework is too hard
* homework is too long
* what I will do: adjust the difficulty, break up longer assignments into "milestones"
* what you can do: post of the forum or send me an email when you get stuck
* answers to practice problems
V Guessing game
* want to force the user to enter valid input instead of crashing
V need to repeat getting input, but we don't know how many times to repeat
* the only loop we've seen, the for loop, is definite—it goes through each element of a finite sequence and then it's done
* we want a loop that will repeat until some condition is satisfied
V to the rescue: the while loop (an indefinite loop)
* while <condition>:
<loop body>
* at the start, and every time be finish the loop, <condition> is checked
* if True, we repeat the loop again
* if False, we skip past the loop
* infinite loop?!
* Small group worksheet
V Quiz reflections
* quiz turned out trickier than I intended
* I felt many scores were not reflective of the effort you have been putting into this course nor the progress you are making in understanding the material
* our goal is learning not judging
V you can get back up to 70% of the points you missed by submitting a quiz reflection (due by the beginning of class on Friday)
* on separate paper, correct your answers and include a short discussion of why you went wrong (what confused you, what you didn't understand, what you forgot, what you didn't notice, etc.)