Our Community Partner

For our project, we were partnered with a local organization called The Key, a community center for all Northfield youth. The Key works to provide an open, safe space and a variety of other services including but not limited to food, housing, and mental health.

The Problem

Previously, The Key was tracking student attendance by hand, keeping records using pencil and paper. Luckily, they were partnered with last year's comps group, and were able to move to a digital solution with the website that was created. However, there were some lingering problems. For example, the website was not secure, using HTTP rather than HTTPS. Furthermore, there was only a single username and password that was shared by all staff members. Another problem was not all features worked on mobile, which was the primary method staff members used to check students in.

Our Solution

In order to create a secure and modern website for The Key that would be maintainable moving forward, we ultimately decided to start from scratch and build a new web app from the ground up. We utilized Django for our backend and React for our frontend. In addition to re-implementing all features put in place by last year's comps group, we also added new features such as data visualizations, user management, and many more customizations.

Final Product

For privacy reasons, we unfortunately cannot share credentials to the live site. However, here is a video demo of some of the key features of our final product, using fake data.